About us

We are a family owned & operated shop

Here at Eagle 1 Tactical Guns and Ammo you receive high-quality products and service at the lowest cost out there. You will see whether you visit us in the store or online, we have very fair prices. We are respectable, down to earth people, that are easy to work with. My father and I are both NRA instructors and between the two of us have over 75 years of combined experience with firearms, firearm safety training, and much more. Let us help you today.

What we believe

We don’t believe in just selling you whatever is most popular at the time or whatever we can make the most profit on. We believe in finding the best fit for you because a firearm is no good unless it suits its owner. Yes, we are here to make money and turn a profit like any other business but we are also here to make sure that you get the best quality service possible as well as making sure you are happy and comfortable with your purchase.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. We know that customer feedback is how a business evolves. Visit our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. We appreciate your business!

Shop Online OR Come on In!

You will find that Eagle One Tactictal Guns & Ammo is your one stop shop for all your gun needs. We offer high quality service at low cost prices. We provide FFL services as well.